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Best energy for every device

We offer the optimal energy solution for every application

From toys to digital cameras to remote controls and many more, VARTA Primary Batteries provide all the power you need for the devices you use every day.
Clear symbols help you to easily find the right battery for your device.
* Relaunch 2014
highest quality
Made in Germany
VARTA is the only manufacturer of primary round consumer batteries with a production site in Germany. “Made in Germany” is a seal of quality that is understood around the world, promising excellence in research, development, engineering and production. Environmental and business sustainability are an important part of our corporate culture.
best energy for every device

The type of device is the main consideration when you are buying batteries. VARTA offers a wide product assortment that includes all primary battery technologies and sizes to fulfill the various energy requirements of different devices. A large icon on the pack shows the recommended use, so you quickly and easily choose the best energy for every device.

improved* performance
for more power

Developed by German engineers, VARTA provides several performance upgrades in 2014. Technical improvements include new graphite and new anode formulas as well as an improved electrolyte which guarantee better battery performance and a battery storage time of up to 10 years (15 years for Lithium).

* Relaunch 2014
New Graphite Formula
New Anode Formula
Improved Electrolyte

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Single press out
for better storage

VARTA's solution for a convenient storage of batteries. Our single press-out solution allows the removal of one battery at a time, making it easy to store unused batteries for later use.

Comparable performance