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Let the Honey Games begin!

Maya the Bee 2 will be in cinemas soon

This year Maya the Bee will tour the world’s cinema screens in the new film Maya the Bee 2 - The Honey Games.

Bees from all over the world will compete in the Honey Games and, of course, Maya, Willy and the other bees from poppy meadow want to be there. When a messenger from the Empress finally arrives at Maya’s hive from Buzztropolis, he does not bring the eagerly awaited invitation, but instead demands the annual honey tribute. Naturally, the bee friends don’t take that lying down: They set off to visit the Empress and make a brave but risky deal that could end up costing them their whole honey harvest. Will Maya and her friends be able to lead their team of misfits to victory against the favorites and save their hive?

All cinema launch dates for Maya the Bee 2 - The Honey Games:

•  Spain and Poland: February 2, 2018
•  Germany, Switzerland and Croatia: March 1, 2018
•  Austria: March 2, 2018 
•  Czech Republic: March 8, 2018
•  Bulgaria: April 20, 2018
•  USA: May 2018
•  Sweden: June 29, 2018
•  France and U.K.: July 2018
•  Italy: October 2018

To get all the Maya the Bee fans out there in the mood, the adventurous honey collector has inspired four kids lights from VARTA.

The Maya The Bee Flashlight lights up even the darkest corner of a child’s bedroom. It is available in grasshopper green and bee yellow and features Maya, Willy and Flip on its handle. Thanks to their robust casing, proven by a drop test from a height of one meter, the flashlights can withstand mishaps during boisterous play. A beautiful wall light gives children honey-sweet moments together. Ready for anything, Maya looks out of her honeycomb and bathes the child’s room in a golden light. And when it’s time to sleep, she is waiting next to the bed in the shape of a night light – to take tired adventurers by the hand and fly off into the land of dreams.


TRAILER “Maya the Bee”

Based on the books “Maya the bee and her adventures” and “Heaven Folk” written by Waldemar Bonsels

© 2017 Studio 100 Media, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd, Create NSW, Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd.
A German – Australian Co-Production

TM Studio 100