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Batteries - practical everyday helpers

Batteries, those practical everyday helpers, are hidden all over the home. But where exactly are they, which devices require which batteries and what would our daily routine be like without them? Today we will take a little tour through the home to search for our little bundles of energy.

Let’s start where the day begins: In the bedroom. The alarm clock woke us up at the right time – but how? An average of two alarm clocks in every household are powered by AA Mignon cells. To ensure that you will be woken reliably at the right time every day, we recommend long-lasting VARTA Longlife batteries.
After a quick stretch, we get up and make our way to the bathroom. When we step on the scales we notice that, once again, our little helpers are at work. Most German homes have bathroom scales. Here we recommend, for example, CR 2032 button cells or Longlife batteries. And electric wet shavers need power too. Our High Energy batteries are the best choice in this case.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, there is time for a tasty cappuccino. One in four homes has a milk frother, and 90% of them need AA Mignon batteries. Without our little helpers we would be forced to froth the milk by hand – no easy task! Because milk frothers are power hungry, our High Energy batteries are the most suitable.

Just as we finish our coffee, the telephone rings. Again, batteries make that possible. Whether AA Mignon or AAA Micro, rechargeable batteries are the best option. Our premium quality VARTA Rechargeable Accu Phone batteries are specially designed for the task.

As we leave the house, we take a quick look at the clock on the wall. To ensure that it remains ticking as long as possible we recommend VARTA Longlife batteries. Then we jump into the car and head to work! We wouldn’t get far without batteries, because all modern car keys are electronic. Our Professional & Special battery range includes all kinds of button cells for this task.
We arrive at home looking forward to a cozy evening with friends and family. Our plan is to play games and watch TV. It is no surprise that our evening plans wouldn’t get far without our practical energy sources. That’s because most TV remote controls and console controllers require batteries. The best options are Longlife batteries for long-lasting power or our Rechargeable Toy Accus, which are designed especially for toys.  

If you choose rechargeable batteries for your devices, you should definitely have a look at our new LCD Smart Charger. Fast charging, a charge-status display, a great finish and a USB port combine to offer a convincing charger. 

Batteries and rechargeable batteries have saved us a lot of stress and made our day much easier. Luckily, we have the ideal helpers for every application.

Our virtual Battery Tour includes more everyday situations in which we use batteries. Have fun exploring!