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Hear, Hear! March 3, is World Hearing Day

Listening to loud music on the go through headphones and rocking to your favorite song, concerts and festivals, but also working in a loud environment – all these day-to-day factors and leisure activities can damage our hearing. And it’s not just older people who are affected by hearing loss, which is also on the rise among young people with one in six teenagers suffering from hearing impairment.
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Hearing Day on March 3 will raise awareness of this issue, and offer explanations along with information about opportunities to help those affected fulfill their potential despite restricted hearing, all under the motto “Hear the Future”. And the hearing aid battery specialist Rayovac will make an important contribution: Its new high-performance hearing aid batteries feature higher voltages for demanding high-tech devices without compromising when it comes to battery life.
Their Active Core Technology represents a true milestone. The improved cell design and formulation delivers more energy to ensure that no hearing aid battery lasts longer*. That provides customers with the longevity, reliability and power needed to cope with any situation. For an active lifestyle – without worrying about a hearing aid.

* Based on ANSI/IEC tests for sizes 10, 13 and 312.