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Tips & tricks for using cell phone cameras

We do not always have a camera on hand, but we have our cell phones with us most of the time.
We will show you how to take amazing shots with a cell phone, using a few simple tricks.

Black-and-white shots

If the sunlight is very bright or there are too many colors in the picture, use black-and-white photography. This makes the picture more atmospheric and helps the image stand out better.

Second rule: Make sure you take a picture of an object or a person; pure landscape pictures can easily become boring.

Keep still

Avoid using the zoom and keep your hand steady. As most cell phones have a digital zoom, only a small part of the picture is enlarged. This detracts from the quality and does not really reveal more on the picture.

That’s why we recommend you look for a stable support (a wall, etc.) on which to rest your hand or elbow if you really have to zoom in.

Keep the lens clean

The first rule is: Keep the lens clean. Cell phones are often kept in pockets, backpacks or handbags, which means the lens becomes dusty or dirty, or even scratched.

That’s why you should clean the lens regularly with a soft cloth.

These tips will help you become an excellent amateur photographer!
Have fun experimenting.