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We show you how you can paint with light

Painting with light is an equally interesting and aesthetic technology, which can of course also be achieved using VARTA flashlights. All you need is a camera that has a high shutter speed and a flashlight with a strong and wide light beam, such as the VARTA 4 Watt LED Outdoor Pro 3C. If you attach silk paper to the front of the flashlight, you can make colorful "light photographs".
Painting with light is especially effective at dusk, at night or in a darkened room. The darker it is, the sharper the contrast of the painting and the environment will be.
The most important thing is to set an exposure time of 30 seconds or longer. Painting with light is easiest in bulb mode, which many SLRs have. The image is exposed for as long as the shutter button is pressed. It is best if you have the camera on a tripod stand and a remote control shutter release so you can wait for as long as you want before taking the next photo. A photo shoot is of course much more fun if there are two of you and this also has the advantage that you won’t need a remote control shutter release.
You will obtain the best results with a low ISO setting. Focus the camera at the right distance to the subject and close the aperture down as far as possible. A high aperture value (e.g. 22 or 23) means that it will stay relatively dark even if there are remnants of light.
With the flashlight turned on, position yourself at the set distance in front of the camera and begin to "paint" your patterns or whatever you want to write in the air. The camera records the movement of the light beam of your flashlight, which you can view later as an image. Make sure that you “paint” with even, fluent strokes to get a nice result.