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Maybe you don’t think about it often, but take a short moment to notice all the places in your daily life where you use batteries and rechargeables.
You wake up in the morning with a start: Why didn’t the alarm ring? Well, at least a quick coffee for the way to work. But wait, the milk frother isn’t working. You dash out of the house in a hurry and wonder what time it is, but your watch has stopped. Day’s off to a great start, isn’t it? 
To top it all off, you realize after work that your bike light has given up. If you don’t have a dynamo, then you’re in a real fix. Do you risk paying a fine for riding your bicycle at night without a functioning light, or push it all the way home? Home, sweet home, at last, and you look forward to putting your feet up. But even the cozy evening watching TV is quickly ruined when you discover that the remote control isn’t working because the batteries are empty.
An obvious solution is to keep a small supply of batteries at home to prevent finding yourself in such situations. That is why we have put together a few tips for you below on how to properly store batteries:

  • Store your batteries and rechargeables in cool and dry places (best at approx. 20°C)
  • Extreme temperature changes can have a potential negative impact on battery life.
  • Batteries exposed to extremely cold temperatures are unable to supply much power if used right away, but will work afterwards again after worming up. (if less than -10°C)
  • A practical tip is to store batteries and rechargeables in their original packaging.
Minimum shelf life of ten years − and still feature the same great quality
Did you know that the minimum shelf life for VARTA batteries has increased to ten years? Max Tech AA and AAA batteries are now good for three more years, and High Energy AA and AAA batteries last a whopping five years longer − and all still
feature the same great quality. You no longer need to worry about your battery supply’s life, so don’t hesitate to stock up!