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The “Best Energy” concept

best performance for every device

VARTA’s new “BestEnergy” concept offers the best power solutions for different devices and is now even more consumer-friendly thanks to a new packaging design.
Our Lithium battery range is ideal for high-drain applications such as digital cameras and GPS devices as well as low-power devices that require long-lasting energy. These durable batteries are the professional solution for the highest demands. They can cope with harsh conditions and operate reliably within extreme temperature ranges of -40°C to 60°C. Plus, they are lightweight, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities.

Max Tech
Max Tech batteries are the perfect solution for devices that use a lot of power quickly, like camera flashes, digital cameras and gaming consoles.

High Energy

The powerful batteries in the High Energy range are the perfect solution for power-hungry devices such as toys, computer accessories or flashlights. They deliver the right amount of energy for devices with extremely variable levels of power consumption.

VARTA Longlife batteries are the most durable VARTA batteries you can buy. They are particularly suitable for devices with constant and low energy consumption, providing reliable, long-lasting power for items such as remote controls, wall clocks or radios.

Why was the “BestEnergy” concept introduced and what did it change?

Interview with Axel Spangenberg

“With the “BestEnergy” concept, VARTA wants to provide consumers with more support and guidance when it comes to choosing a battery from the shelf, so that by looking at the packaging alone, they are able to select the right battery for their device. As consumers make a decision within seconds, they need to know which product is best for them and their device at a glance. The logical consequence of this is that the packaging has been redesigned and made more consumer-friendly based on the latest market research data.”
How was VARTA able to further improve the battery’s performance and increase its shelf life to 10 years?

“Our battery experts at VARTA are constantly working on research and development to guarantee the ultimate performance for different devices at all times. Technical innovations are the result of several years of work by engineers in Germany and the USA. A new graphite and anode method with an improved electrolyte ensures maximum performance for VARTA batteries and a longer shelf life of up to 10 years.”

What does VARTA´s promise of quality stand for?
“VARTA stands for the highest quality, guaranteed by the ongoing research and development activities of our engineers. With production facilities in Germany, we are the only battery manufacturer to offer “Made in Germany” household batteries and only use exclusively high-grade and environmentally-friendly materials to meet the high quality standards. “Made in Germany” stands for quality, innovation and technical excellence. Before being shipped to retail every single cell passes through our quality control and is checked.”

What is VARTA’s best-selling battery?

“The best-selling battery is the powerful High Energy AA, as numerous devices are still operated with AA batteries.”