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News - about our products, services and company

The best brands begin with the best team

Your future at VARTA Consumer Batteries

VARTA Consumer Batteries is part of the international Spectrum Brands Group and provides exciting career opportunities in an environment that is both traditional and international. To ensure product innovation and sustainable awareness, it is vital that staff are able to identify with the company. For this reason, VARTA maintains flat organisational structures as well as short decision-making processes, enabling each employee to make a personal contribution. Of course, this also applies to the German locations in Ellwangen, Dischingen and Sulzbach. If you are full of energy and want to further your career, then VARTA Consumer Batteries is the right place for you. We look forward to receiving your application.
Starting out at VARTA Consumer Batteries
Having gained relevant professional experience, you already have specific ideas about your future career. You want to help us to secure a successful future for the company.
Have you successfully completed your studies? Does your profile meet our expectations? Do you want to work for an international company offering excellent development opportunities?
We are offering you the opportunity to actively participate in challenging projects and assignments at one of our European locations and to combine theory and practical experience at an early stage.
Now is the start of one of the most important phases of your life, in which you need to set the course for the future. VARTA offers internships and apprenticeships. 

What we have to offer

We know that skills and abilities will differ from person to person. This means that we are not expecting the "perfect employee", but rather we help each employee to apply his or her talents in an optimal and responsible way. In addition, we offer a wide range of further training and development opportunities in the following areas:
Managerial skills
Methodology skills
Social skills
Professional skills
Due to the international nature of our company, we can give employees the perfect chance to further develop their skills at an international level and to take part in appropriate training programmes. Working in multicultural teams is also an integral part of this.

Our appraisal and development system represents an important instrument in the management and development of our employees. It supports
  • goal-oriented working on clearly defined tasks
  • clear and immediate feedback with respect to one’s own performance
    – positive or constructively critical –
  • identification and development of strengths
  • determining of development needs and clarification of development goals
Remuneration is related to performance and success. Furthermore, our employees benefit from corporate success.

So if you want to discover the world of international business and gain opportunities for further international advancement, then VARTA Consumer Batteries/ Spectrum Brands is the right company for you!

Our values

For us, company values are more than just words. They are an integral part of our company culture.
Our employees ensure that the desired goals and maximum results are achieved or surpassed within the planned timeframe.
Results orientation
It is of utmost importance to us that we understand and satisfy the wishes and needs of our external and internal customers.
Initiative and proactivity define the way we think and act in order to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.
Customer orientation
We stand for excellent results and high-quality products. We therefore meet the highest quality standards whilst also remaining cost-effective.
Quality orientation
Our employees build relationships and networks across all hierarchical levels, cultures and corporate sectors in different countries. With their social skills, they solve conflicts in a constructive, objective and fair manner.
Our employees have the creativity and intellectual flexibility to develop new ideas and to present future-oriented alternatives which help the company to progress further.
Sincerity, fairness and honesty are central components of our system of values. Loyalty towards employees, colleagues, superiors and the company as a whole plays a significant role.